The best language learning apps for Android

Language learning applications, especially English, have always been welcomed by a wide range of users. We are all regular language learners and always open our eyes to find new programs, operating systems, and ways to learn foreign languages. That’s why we decided to make a list of the best apps for learning English and other foreign languages ​​to make it easier for you to search and find these apps. Some of these programs may be familiar to you, but you may find other new and valuable programs in this list.

In this article, we will review the best language teaching applications, especially English language teaching programs. The present list includes free language training programs for Android, as well as programs that require payment for full features.

1. Memrise language learning application

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Memrise is a language learning application that is unlike textbook learning and is enjoyable and effective. Founded in 2010, Memrais is growing rapidly and now more than 40 million people in 189 countries are learning a foreign language with the program to improve their language and connect with others and the world around them. Memrise courses have something that textbooks lack. The creators of this Android app include a team of professional and expert linguists and include language training courses with thousands of video clips of teachers who speak their native language. So you can get acquainted with authentic sounds and accents. As tedious and boring as language learning in the classroom and school can be, this app is learning languages ​​in different ways and at specific, exciting, and effective times that your mind loves, foreign languages. Teaches you.

2. Duolingo language learning application

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Everyone learns in different ways. For the first time in history, the Duolingo app team can analyze how millions of people can learn at a time to create the most effective education system and make it suitable for any language learner. When you describe any other language training program, you often hear the question “Is it like Duolingo?”. There is no list of the best language learning apps that Duolingo does not have. This Android app is a prime example of language learning on mobile. Many of the courses in this application are created by native speakers. Another unique feature of the Duolingo app for us is that it is not aimed exclusively at native English, and there are specific courses for each language.

3. Rosetta Stone language learning application

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Rosetta Stone is one of the most popular language-learning apps for Android phones. This program has been at the same level of quality for decades. The company’s software supports about twelve languages. This app includes Rosetta Stone learning methods that are similar to Mondly. With its various grammar and vocabulary lessons, the program is very focused on learning conversation, which is a tried and tested method.

4. 50Languages ​​language learning application

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50Languages ​​is a developer on Google Play with dozens of language learning apps, which introduces us to the full version of the app, which includes all languages. Here you will learn the basic sentences and vocabulary. The user interface is good enough and was very good during our test. This is a good start for those who travel a lot or anyone who wants to start learning a foreign language. In this app, you can learn in your native language without any prior knowledge and learn to speak short sentences fluently in the real world. With the 50languages ​​Android app, you can learn more than 50 languages ​​through your native language, such as African, Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish

5. Google Translate application

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Google Translate is a great tool that translates different languages ​​into other languages, as the name implies. It supports dozens of languages ​​and is a great way to check the meaning of words in other languages. In addition, the program includes a camera feature that allows you to translate words by placing your camera in front of them. You can even talk to the app to translate the words for you. This is a powerful app designed for travelers, but can also be used to learn different languages.

6. Drops language learning application

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The drops app is a new and fun way to learn a language. The combination of beautifully designed word games and memorized associations has greatly increased the popularity of this program around the world. Short and engaging games make language learning a fun part of your daily routine, not a hard one. It is easy to learn one or all 31 languages ​​in this app. In addition to the fun and ease of this application and has a beautiful design, the developers of those years have researched to provide the best way to teach the language effectively and more easily. The Drops Android app uses a simple philosophy, which is a strong focus on vocabulary with almost no focus on grammar. This way, you will learn the colloquial language and words quickly with grammar.

7. B-Amooz language learning application

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Learn is designed by a group of language experts to help Persian speakers learn different languages. The creators of this app are trying to create a complete educational environment for learning, especially for beginners. At the present stage, the teaching is limited to the knowledge of the authors. This training will probably include foreign languages, engineering sciences, and music. In the not-too-distant future, by attracting active people, we will be able to break down current boundaries and limitations and extend education to all sciences. Learn can be considered the most specialized Persian Android application for teaching English, French, German and Turkish languages ​​in Istanbul. This is a specialized software in the field of foreign language teaching that currently works in the field of teaching English, German, French and Turkish languages. This software has been produced by an expert team of language graduates and we have tried to pay attention to all the standard educational points in its design.

8. Learnit English language learning application

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Learning is an English language learning application that tries to provide a unique experience for learning your language at home using new ideas. One of the unique features of Learnit is audio and text grammar training, which makes it easier to understand and learn. Different training models are another feature of the Lernit Android application that attracts the learner and his interest in continuing to learn English.

9. Casco English language learning application

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Casco application is an English language training program that tries to teach English in a comprehensive and modern way in a completely principled way. With the Casco Android app, you can improve your listening, speaking (intelligent) skills, word comprehension, and how to use your sentence and grammar at basic, intermediate, and advanced levels. Explaining grammar in Persian for beginner and intermediate levels, explaining grammar in English for advanced levels, smartphone conversation and displaying pronunciation accuracy, providing words related to each lesson along with pronunciation, the possibility of setting reminders to remind study and practice, and… The main features of the Casco language learning app are:

10. Language village English language teaching application

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Gradually expand your vocabulary with the help of English Village app books and courses. Add words you do not know or want to browse to the application Leitner box. The words you need to browse and read are displayed to you every day. Read books with line-by-line translation using the village language training program. All bilingual books of the program have accurate Persian translations. Easily read and listen to a variety of content, including storybooks, news, and popular language courses. Do not know the meaning of a word? Just click on it to show its meaning in two dictionaries “English to Persian” and “English to English” in the bottom panel.

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