Telegram Deactivate training for permanent deletion of Telegram account (mobile and computer)

If you want to delete your Telegram account, you can do so on the Disable page. By deleting your account, all your messages, groups, and contacts will be permanently deleted. This action must be confirmed through your Telegram account and is non-refundable.

We recommend using a non-mobile browser for this process.
Note that you do not receive the code via SMS, but you receive it from the Telegram application.

Deleting your Telegram account will remove all your information from the Telegram system: All messages, groups, and contacts associated with your account will be deleted.
Your contacts will still be able to chat with the groups you created, and they will still have a copy of the messages you sent them. So if you want to send messages that disappear without a trace, use the Telegram self-destruct timer instead.

Steps to delete Telegram account:
1- Enter the deactivation page .
2- Enter your mobile number with +91 (example: +91 9833868618) and click Next.
3- A password will be sent to you in Telegram Messenger, which you must enter in the Password box and click Sign in.
4. On the next screen, click the Deactivate account option.
5. On the next screen, click Done.
6- At the end, select Yes, delete my account to delete your Telegram account forever.

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