Pokémon GO Tutorial Guide to playing Pokémon Go

( Pokémon GO ) is a video game in augmented reality-style in 2016 by Nintendo platform Android and iOS has been released.
Travel between the real world and the virtual world of Pokémon with Pokémon GO for iPhone and Android devices. With Pokémon GO you will discover Pokémon in a whole new world. The game is built on the Niantic real-world game platform and uses real-world situations to encourage the user to search for distant real-world locations to discover Pokémon. Pokémon Go allows you to find and capture more than a hundred species of Pokémon around you.
This mobile game uses the GPS feature of the phone and its camera to turn your location into a Pokémon game map. Like Pokémon games, you have to look around the world, but this time the real world, and find Pokémon. As you walk, you may find a Pokémon.
The game tells you that, for example, there is a Pokémon far or near you. You have to walk and find that Pokémon yourself. The distance far or near is determined using a footprint. If you see a footprint next to a Pokémon photo, it means it is very close to you. The farthest distance is three footprints. In our experience of the game, the three footprints could have been even two or three streets away.
When a Pokémon is found near you, you point at it. Now you have to throw the famous balls of this game series called Pokéball towards the Pokémon you have found. Some Pokémon are more powerful than others and are easy to catch. The best time to catch a Pokémon is when the colored circle around it has shrunk. You must throw Pokéball in this circle.
There is also a point to note: Pokémon are not just displayed on the map for you, and everyone around you who plays Pokémon GO can take these animals with them; This means that you may reach a Pokémon and someone will be near you at that moment and catch that Pokémon sooner than you.

What good is Pokémon?

Like other Pokémon games, the main goal in Pokémon GO is to collect these monsters and fight them. On the map you are on, there are places called Gyms. These clubs have been put on the map by the creator of the game. In clubs, you can build a team with other people who play Pokémon GO. Teams work together at the club and strengthen their Pokémon to fight other teams.

Teams can attack and occupy a club on the map that does not belong to them together. Currently, the game has three teams: “Red” (Team Valor), “Blue” (Team Mystic), and “Yellow” (Team Instinct). When you first reach level 5, the game asks you which team you want to join. After selecting your team, if you come across a club, you can see its color and find out if the club belongs to your enemies, or if insiders have taken over.

As you would expect from a Pokémon game, Pokémon gain experience and become stronger. Becoming stronger means opening up more skills as well as evolving them. The evolution of Pokémon turns them into stronger and bigger monsters.

How to have strong and rare Pokémon?

Although you can walk the streets and find a strong and rare Pokémon, the fastest way to find a rare Pokémon are Pokémon eggs. You can find these eggs in the real world. Game items can be found in places called PokéStop. These places are important areas around you and have been placed by the game developers themselves.

For example, in the Vanak area of ​​Tehran, we were able to find one PokéStop in Vanak Square and one in Seoul Park. You have to go to these marked areas to play items randomly in front of you. These items can include more Pokéball, eggs, incense, or other items.

Once you have found a Pokémon egg, you must place it in an incubator. Now you have to walk for your Pokémon to hatch. This value may vary from 1 km to 15 km.

Another way to find more powerful Pokémon is to use incense. Using incense in an area attracts Pokémon for half an hour. This half-hour is not just for you. You have filled an area for all players with Pokémon.

To make your Pokémon stronger, you use items called Stardust and Candy. Every time you find a new Pokémon, the game gives you Stardust. Candies also vary according to the Pokémon breed. By spending on these items, Pokémon’s fighting skills and power will increase.

Where to find Pikachu?

“Pikachu” is the most famous Pokémon in this series of games. If you want to find this Pokémon right at the beginning of the game, you should not listen to the commands that the game gives you!
The beginning of the game, like all parts of Pokémon, puts the three Pokémon Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur in front of you. You also have to choose one of them.

However, do not listen to the game and walk. After a short walk, the game puts these three Pokémon in front of you again to choose one. Again, ignore them and keep walking. Repeat this movement four times.

The first three Pokémon still appear next to you, but this time Pikachu is with them. Choose Pikachu and throw a Pokéball at him!

Do we have to spend real money on the game?

Now that there is no need to spend on Pokémon GO. You can buy coins called Pokécoins in the game. With these coins, items such as incense or Pokémon eggs can be purchased. However, in PokéStop you can find everything you want and not think about spending in the game right now.

Game items

Pokémon Go Training | Pokeballs

Pokemon is one of the most useful items in the entire Pokemon Go game, and you will be in charge of 50 of these phones at the beginning of the game. To get as many of these balls as you can, you have to find the pok stops or buy them separately from the in-game store. To buy 20 pok wings you have to pay 100 pok queens. In addition, pay 460 pok queens for 100 pucks and 800 pok queens for 200 puck wings.

Pokémon Go Training | Eggs – Eggs

Pokémon Go eggs can be found in nature with an egg breeding machine. These eggs are usually obtained after walking a certain distance or hunting a new Pokémon.

Pokémon Go Training | Lucky Eggs – Lucky Eggs

Unlike regular eggs, lucky eggs can give you double the points and you will have 30 minutes to use them. You must have 80 Pokémon to buy each of them. Either buy an 8-digit pack with 500 pok queens or a 25-digit pack with 1250 pok queens.

Egg Incubator – Egg Incubator

For starters, you can only breed one egg with this machine but in fact, the use of this product will have an unlimited duration. You can also buy more egg breeding machines from the store, each of which will deliver an egg to you. To buy this device, you have to pay 150 pok queens, but you can use only three of them at the same time.

Pokémon Go Training | Incense burner – Incense

This item makes it easier for you to find Pokémon than ever before. You will have 30 minutes to use this item. To buy one of these items, you can buy 80 Pokémon. In addition, pay to buy an 8-digit package of 500 Pokémon and a 25-piece package of 1250 Pokémon.

Pokémon Go Training | Seductive Module – Lure Module

The seductive module item has a function similar to the fumigator item. With the difference that you will gain more power to find Pokémon. This item will be as effective as the above 30 minutes item.

Pokémon Go Training | Pokemon Storage

This item is used for storage. Thanks to this item you can store up to 250 Pokémon and 9 eggs. If you need more space, you need to upgrade your Pokemon Storage to 50 more storage space by paying 50 Pokémon Quinn.

Pokémon Go Training | Bag Upgrade

This bag is always by your side so that you can store various items in it along the way. By default, this bag has a capacity of 350 items, which you can add another 50 items to the capacity of this bag by paying 50 empty queens.

Teams, stadiums, protecting your reputation and so on

Once you have advanced enough in Pokemon Go, you will be asked to choose one of the red, blue or yellow teams. Once you join the team, you will be able to have your own club and place a Pokémon to protect it. Each club has a level of credibility that will be gained based on the experience of the team you are in and you can attack your enemy clubs.

After all the coaches in the enemy club have lost, you will be thrown out, but do this challenge until the club’s reputation is complete. After this victory, you will lead the club and install a Pokémon to protect it. Just keep in mind that all of your fighter Pokémon have high fighting power.

At present we do not see any superficial classification among Pokémon, and these creatures differ through Combat Points. Fighting points can increase the power of a Pokémon by eating Candy and Stardust. Note that candy is specific to a specific family of Pokémon, so you can not use it for every Pokémon. In contrast, Stardusts are universal and can increase the power of any Pokémon.

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