New way to fix fast and instant telegram reports with SpamBot robot

Quick and instant Telegram report removal guide with the official Telegram robot

Question: What happened to my telegram account?

When a number of users report unsolicited messages from an account, Telegram imposes a restriction on the account: Reported accounts can only send messages to people who have their number. Telegram has imposed this restriction to prevent advertisements and make users more relaxed. This restriction applies to the Telegram server side.

Question: What should I do now?

If this is the first time this has happened to you, your account will probably be out of this limit after about a week or so. Repeating this will limit you for a longer period of time, and if you continue to send unsolicited messages, this restriction may apply to you forever.

Question: I’m sure something went wrong and this restriction was applied to my account incorrectly.

Currently, the best way that Telegram has offered to overcome this limitation is to use the official Telegram robot (SpamBot).
You can log in and track the problem by logging in to the SpamBot bot and using the bot commands.

Question: Deleting the Telegram account does not solve the problem?

No. This restriction is applied to your number on the server-side and the problem will not be solved by leaving the account or deleting the account or using another telegram program.

How to exit the Telegram report using the official Telegram robot :
1. First, log in to the bot via @SpamBot and click the Start button.
2. Then select the This is a mistaken button.
3. In the next step, click the Yes button.
4. Then select No! Never did that! Select.
5. At the end and in the last step, copy and send the following text:

Dear Telegram Support

My Telegram account has been spammed suddenly and I cannot send messages to any contacts whom I do not have their number if I am the chat starter.
Kindly help to fix the issue and remove the spam report.

Best Regards

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