Learn how to enable Telegram voice calling

Over the past few months, Telegram makers have worked hard to ensure that Telegram calls are the best in terms of quality, speed, and security. The wait is over: From today, Telegram voice call has been added to the capabilities of this popular messenger.
The voice call interface is familiar and easy to use.

In Telegram voice calls, we try to place your voice calls on the best voice codecs so that in addition to the very clear quality, maximum internet savings can be made.

Whenever you make a voice call on a telegram, parameters such as network speed, ping time, etc. are checked. Many of these parameters are optimized to provide the best call quality on your device.

If your connection changes, these parameters can also be set during a call. Telegram will be compatible on a stable WiFi connection and offers excellent voice quality, but you can also make quality calls on a variety of Internet connections.

In the privacy settings of Telegram (Privacy and Security), there is also an option so that you can restrict receiving calls from Telegram users. Here you have three options: Receive calls from all users, Receive calls from only contacts, and Block all calls that you can choose from.

But Telegram has also considered complete settings to control the data consumption of these calls. In the application settings, you can reduce the data consumption per call by reducing the call quality by 25 to 30%. To use this option, you can refer to the Telegram settings, Data and Storage section, and then the Use Less Data option.

To be able to use this feature on your mobile phone, you must ask someone whose voice call has been enabled to call you. Note that this person must contact you with an Iranian number.

To contact any of the contacts, just refer to their profile and point to the phone icon at the top of the page.
All Telegram voice calls are free and encrypted for added security. This means that neither the makers of the telegram themselves nor anyone else will be able to hear these conversations.

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