Inquiry site and code to identify the authenticity or smuggling of a mobile phone

How to identify the smuggled phone and the original?
Inquiry system code, IMEI serial number of the phone, and detection of authenticity or smuggling of the phone

With the implementation of the registry plan, buyers of mobile phones with the International Identification Code (IMEI) inquiry can find out the real price of the phones, which is determined at the customs and based on which the entrance fee is received. The type and price of the currency, the date of import, and even the country of manufacture will be visible.

Iran Customs announced :
– If you want to know if your phone has been smuggled into the country or is legal, dial # 06 # * (06 square star) in the first step to enter the 15-digit code of your special mobile phone (IMEI) Get.
– In the second step, send your 15-digit code (IMEI) to the SMS system 30008887 or enter this link:
– and finally, a message about registration or non-registration The query ID will be sent to you from the window of the customs business unit, whether your phone ID code is registered in the customs or not.
– If it is not registered, your phone has been smuggled.

Through these methods, you can inquire about the authenticity or smuggling of your mobile phone or tablet.

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