How to upgrade your Android phone? Learn how to update the Android version

How to upgrade your Android phone? Learn how to update the Android version
Learn how to upgrade the operating system version of the Android mobile phone and tablet How
to upgrade the Android phone and tablet Samsung, Huawei, LG, HTC, Sony, Motorola, Google Pixel, Lenovo, Xiaomi

There are several ways to upgrade and update the Android operating system version of your Android mobile phone and tablet, the simplest of which is an OTA update. In this article, we will fully acquaint you with this method so that you can update your Android device to the latest version and the latest version of Android (if any).

How to upgrade Android for mobile phones and tablets :

* The following steps are listed based on LG phones, other phones have almost the same steps:

1. Make sure your device is connected to WiFi.

2. Enter the Settings section.

3. Select the About Phone option.

4. Click Check for Updates.
If an update is available, an Update button will appear. Click on it.

5. Click the Install button.
Depending on the operating system, you will see the Install Now, Reboot, install, or Install System Software buttons. Hit it. Your phone will restart.

Tutorial for upgrading the Android operating system of mobile phones and tablets via PC :
You can also install a new ROM and upgrade your device’s Android via PC. Due to a large number of phones and ROM files, we refer you to the Persian site In this site, you can download the latest version of Android ROMs from different manufacturers and install it on your phone with the help of its clear and comprehensive guide.

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