Here’s A Quick Info About DARK WEB

1. DARK Web is also known as the Invisible web which you cannot access directly from your regular browser.
2. The dark web is said to constitute over 80% of the entire Internet. Now Just think about it :O
3. It is famous for Illegal Marketplaces where users can buy or Sell Drugs, Weapons, Fake passports, fake ID cards. Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies are used as a mode of payment on the Dark Web.
4. There are sites where one can hire HITMAN to get someone killed. Scary !!
5. Sadly, Child Pornography is a part of the Deep and Dark Web
6. You are never safe on the Deep or dark web, it is always advised to use VPN and other techniques to avoid revealing your IP addresses.
7. Leaked Federal Documents, Government secrets, Banned materials, and all sorts of leaks are openly sold over the Dark Web. JIO database is also being sold now.
8. Match Fixing sites can be found on it. Many people are in prison for this.
9. Live Human Experiments. This is scary. There are live stream sites where a user can ask for human experiments. Many people are addicted to this shit and they pay a lot to see it. Some common examples are, a man in a mask has some person tied up and the user can chat and ask that masked guy to cut, smash, or kill the person live.
10. Dark web websites do not end with regular extensions. They usually end with .onion. Tor Browser can be used to access the Dark web.
11. Every Movie, software, etc can be also found on it.
12. Most of the links of dark websites change frequently, so it’s not easy to explore around it. Deep Web Wiki can be found on Google where you can get links to various sites. People have had very serious and bad experiences on the
Dark web and you can read or watch them on YouTube.
There are certain channels on YouTube where people show dark web websites and creepy stuff.
*** NOTE: We advise you not to mess with it. You may even end up in prison. ***

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