How to Schedule Messages on WhatsApp Plus (Guide)

February 16, 2023 (8 months ago)


VIPs don’t have enough time, and even they aren’t able to complete three activities at once since the laws of nature would outpace them. What if I were to suggest that there is a method to circumvent this natural rule and do three, four, or even five things at once? It seems to be impossible, huh? Simple technological bots may perform these tasks, and one of them, dubbed Message Scheduler, is available for free with WhatsApp Plus APK.

Messaging clients and customers about holiday greetings, contest prizes, tournaments, business get-togethers, and important dates is our most important and disorganised duty in both our online and offline enterprises. Contrastingly, we may arrange communications for them at any moment on the same day we want to send them. With WhatsApp’s official version, it’s impossible, but the Plus version is confusing.

A free Message Scheduler is included in this version of WhatsApp. It’s a convenient tool built by helpful coders, where all you need is to put in a message, time, date, and nothing else. Press the “Schedule message” button later, and voilà! Messages for the contacts you’ve selected have been successfully scheduled, and they will unquestionably be sent at the specific date and time that fit those individuals.

Was that not just, eh? If you’re finding it difficult to grasp the stages in a video, choosing text steps might now make things easier. To plan messages for your contact list like a pro, follow the instructions below that are written out beautifully as the video if you enjoy learning and reading articles.

  • On your Android smartphone, first download the WhatsApp Plus APK and install it.
  • Create a new WhatsApp account or select an existing one after validating your phone number.
  • Relaunch WhatsApp Plus and choose the three dots in the top-right corner.
  • Click to reveal the Message Scheduler tab inside that menu.
  • The Contacts tab would now be the first tab. Select the person whose message you wish to schedule.
  • Put in the precise time and date that you want to schedule the message later.
  • Last but not least, write the message you intend to schedule.
  • To confirm message scheduling, click the Green Right button in the bottom right corner.

Check out the magic now! WhatsApp Plus APK will use your internet connection concurrently to send all of your planned messages to all of the selected contacts at the correct moment, regardless of how many contacts you’ve added to the scheduler list or whatever time you’ve picked on the screen. Nothing more than what you done in the aforementioned stages is necessary.

As you previously booked the crucial communications for the ideal event day and time, provide time to all your other key activities and disregard them. APK for WhatsApp Plus: Enjoy!

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