How to Watch PSL 8 on Mobile Phone

February 15, 2023 (8 months ago)


Here, you can watch free live streaming of the PSL online. One of the most well-known franchise-based cricket leagues in the world is PSL 8, or Pakistan Super League. According to the most recent PSL 2023 Schedule, it will happen between February 13 and March 19. Numerous cricket fans from around the world watch it. Where can I watch PSL live? is the most often requested question by cricket fans each year before to the start of the PSL. The top 10 PSL live streaming channels, locations, and internet streaming services are included in this post so that fans may watch PSL 2023 live streaming for free from any of these locations.


Nowadays, thanks to modern technology and the internet, there are many sites where people can watch the PSL live, but with our platform, you can now watch PSL live cricket matches from anywhere in Pakistan at any time.

You can watch live cricket online throughout the PSL thanks to the plethora of websites and applications that are being created and released to provide this online streaming service. How do you watch live streaming on PSL, though, is a question that a lot of people have.

This will be a recurring thought in everyone’s mind, but don’t worry—we’ve got a solution that allows you to view any area on the planet. Every match that is available to be seen online may be watched live, live match ball to ball.


In this area, we’ll tell you how to watch PSL games live on your phone or other mobile device. This is an important topic because so many people use mobile devices these days. So it is possible—and most definitely true—to suggest that a huge percentage of individuals will access our blogs or platforms via mobile devices.


We are all aware that the Pakistan Super League is based in Pakistan. Pakistan’s Peshawar to Karachi supporters all adore the PSL. Two TV stations and five online streaming services have been given the broadcasting rights to broadcast PSL 8 live in Pakistan.


PTV Sports was started in and is a 24-hour sports channel that is a division of the Pakistani government. Sports activities including hockey, football, badminton, and cricket matches may be seen on PTV Sports in Pakistan. Up until 2023, the network will be able to air any significant event that is hosted by the ICC. PTV Sports has televised the PSL live in Pakistan since it first began. PTV Sports continues to have the right to broadcast the Pakistan Super League live until this day.


On October 16, 2021, a Sports HD, a brand-new sports channel in Pakistan, made its debut. ARY Digital Network is the owner of a different channel. It is regarded as the first HD sports channel in Pakistan. When the channel was able to get the broadcasting rights to the Women’s T20 World Cup and LPL, it quickly drew the public’s interest. A Sports will now also stream live PSL matches.


One of the most well-known OTT platforms online is Tapmad, which is a part of PI Pakistan. More than 100 TV stations may be seen live with Tapmad. The privilege to broadcast PSL 6 live streaming has been given to Tapmad. Online version of PSL, sixth edition. All rights to transmit PSL 2023 live streaming throughout the world have been held by Tapmad. On their website, you may either download it or watch the stream there.


A website that streams live sports content is called Bsports. The most significant cricket events are generally streamed live. For the 2023 season of the Pakistan Super League, Bsports has the streaming rights. PSL may be viewed live and for free on their website.


The first sports channel to start in Pakistan was Geo Super, which is owned by Geo and Jang Media Group. It debuted in September of that year. Since its beginning, Geo Super has broadcast a wide range of sporting activities, including hockey, football, and badminton. One of the two networks in Pakistan with the privilege to broadcast the PSL from the start of the tournament is Geo Super. PSL 2023 can be seen live on Geo Super through the live feed. PSL 2023 live in Pakistan on Geo Sports.


One of Pakistan’s main telecommunications providers is Jazz, commonly known as Mobilink. Jazz launched its internet platform in January 2020 in order to provide live streaming services to its audience. Along with a website created to help internet users, it features a mobile app that is accessible through the Apple Store and Google Play Store. Jazz TV has the exclusive privilege to broadcast PSL 2023 live online. the ability to live-stream PSL 8 games on Jazz TV.


Mjunnon TV is one of the most well-known live television and video streaming services in Pakistan and is a part of Convex Interactive. Most TV networks are streamed live and in HD. The privilege to stream Pakistan Super League 2023 live online in Pakistan is still held by Mjunnon TV. On the Mjunnon TV website or by downloading the Mjunnon TV app to your smartphone, you may watch PSL 8 live.


As you may already be aware, YouTube is the most widely used online video streaming service. Millions of streaming users reside there from all over the world. The PSL’s organisers do not want to miss an opportunity to connect with as many cricket fans as possible. Finally, they gave Bsports permission to transmit live on YouTube and other platforms. the availability of free live streaming of PSL 2023 on Bsports’ Youtube channels.

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