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AGWhatsApp v32.10

  • Added more Anti-ban protection 
  • Fix issue of 1 hour ban for some users 
  • Enabled edit messages 

App Name AGWhatsApp
Publisher Assem
Size 61MB
Latest Version v32.10
MOD Info Extra Feature
Cost Free
Operating System Android / 4.5+ and up
Language Multi-Language Support
Licence Freeware
Root Required Not Root Required
Compatibility Variant with device
Installs 100,000,000+
Rating 4.5+
Download (61MB)

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AG WhatsApp is a customised version of the original WhatsApp created by Assem Mahgoob. AGWhatsApp Blue, AG2 WhatsApp Pink, AG3 WhatsApp Green, and ERWhatsApp Gold are the four versions of the AG WhatsApp App. The four copies may all be used on the same phone, and Asim Mahjoub’s new interfaces and anti-ban features were both introduced.

The most recent WhatsApp Mod is called AGWhatsApp Blue. It serves as an alternative to the play store’s official WhatsApp. It includes several features and a stunning appearance inside the app.
Developer Abu Algath Assem Mahgoub modified the version of AGWhatsApp in blue. He struggled and worked so hard to bring it up to that point. The new AG WhatsApp version is comparable to GBWhatsApp, AGWhatsApp, AG2WhatsApp, and many more versions with their 100+ extra-ordinary peculiarities. But, AGWhatsApp, an Assem WhatsApp clone, is the focus of this article.

Assem Mahgoub is credited with creating the initial version of WhatsApp, known as “AG WhatsApp,” which had a tonne of functionality and upgrades as well as gorgeous themes.

Although WhatsApp is a highly well-known software for chatting and calling, many users are switching to WhatsApp Plus versions since it has more features they prefer. AG WhatsApp’s new version 2023 is one of several iterations of WhatsApp Plus. Learn how to upgrade AGWhatsApp and download the AG WhatsApp apk here.

Pink AG2 WhatsApp With its built-in status saver feature, WhatsApp enables users to download status updates from their Contacts. Users of AG2WhatsApp can adjust their privacy settings [Hide saw, who can call? The following options are available: Conversation Lock, Blue Ticks Show After Reply, Second Tick (Green Tick) Hide, Blue Tick Hide, and Hide Status View (even though you can see who has seen your status?).

With more than a thousand themes, WhatsApp users may customise the look and feel of the app. Users of AG2WhatsApp may configure toast alerts for each new WhatsApp activity. 70% of WhatsApp users have access to customization options, but not all of them.


This is the official page for downloading and downloading WhatsApp Assem Mahgoub blue, pink, green, and yellow Ertugrul’s most recent version, which has some really great features. You can now download the update of WhatsApp Assem Mahgoub blue, pink, and green from the links below the article whenever you need. As indicated below with the icons, you must select the version you are using. You may get the direct download link from Our Website by just clicking the word “download” beneath the symbol of the version you are now using.


A customised version of the original WhatsApp, AG WhatsApp comes in four different colours: Blue, Golden, Pink, and Green. The four copies may all be used on the same phone, and Asim Mahjoub’s new interfaces and anti-ban features were both introduced.


The WhatsApp version Assem Al-Akhdar, often known as “AG3 WhatsApp,” is the third version created by Assem Mahgoub. It has a lot of new features and enhancements in addition to gorgeous themes. Within one app at a time, such as Telegram and Messenger, double numbers are supported. All of the accompanying files for AG3WhatsApp will be created as AG3WhatsApp. Due to widespread user demand, WhatsApp was modified.


Five versions of WhatsApp Asim Mahgoub, a chat software that has been changed from the original WhatsApp programme, will be included in this post. Visit the official website to download all five copies of WhatsApp Asim Mahgoub.


The creator, Assem Mahgoub, has generated five copies, each of which has to be validated. We’ll list each copy and explain it below.


Assem Mahgoub is credited with creating the initial version of WhatsApp, known as “AG WhatsApp,” which had a tonne of functionality and upgrades as well as gorgeous themes.


The second Assem Mahgoub-created Assem Al-Wardi WhatsApp version, known as “AG2 WhatsApp,” has a tonne of new features and updates as well as gorgeous themes.


The third version of WhatsApp created by Assem Mahgoub, known as “AG3 WhatsApp,” offers a tonne of features and additions as well as gorgeous themes. It was created by Assem Al-Akhdar.


The fourth version of WhatsApp, known as “ER WhatsApp,” was created by Asim Mahgoub and includes a number of features and upgrades in addition to gorgeous themes. This version is known as WhatsApp Golden Ertugrul.


The WhatsApp version The fifth edition of Assem Mahgoub’s “WhatsApp,” which has a lot of features and additions as well as stunning themes, is regarded as the official substitute.


  • Download your friends’ status updates.
  • Hiding last seen, blue right, stories you saw from everyone, and all privacy settings
  • Almost 1250 themes are available in the themes store.
  • The option of switching from Facebook to Twitter or another social network…
  • Lock WhatsApp or a particular chat
  • being able to send any form of file (zip, rar, apk, exe, etc..)
  • 100 photographs may be sent at once, and you can choose to transmit very accurate images.
  • the capacity to SMS an unregistered number
  • and a plethora of others.
  • The benefits of the blue are all present in WhatsApp Assem Mahgoub. Moreover, WhatsApp Plus
  • supports all Android smartphones, as well as Kitkat versions 4.4.2, 4.1.2, and 4.4.4, as well as a contemporary design and additional functionality.


  • Videos and images can be saved as status updates.
  • ERWhatsApp is Anti-ban and allows message forwarding to up to 5 people or groups.
  • Support messages that prevent deletion.
  • On Gold WA, you may configure your own privacy. (Last seen, Blue ticks, second ticks, who can call you, who can see you, configure bespoke privacy for each chat, security “pin,” pattern, conceal conversation name).
  • Support for conversational translation messages.
  • for everyone up to 100 years, delete the texts!
  • Backup cannot be saved to Google Drive.
  • Support Installing external themes is possible (zip, XML).
  • The ability to schedule message delivery is available.
  • On Gold WA, you can customise the auto-reply feature.
  • Fast connections operate like a messenger.
  • bomb message assistance (click and send unlimited messages).
  • Switch tones (inside the conversation while new messages arrive).
  • At one moment, broadcast messages to the Groups.
  • Communicate using text styles (big text)
  • Promote the use of Urdu.
  • typeface used in Urdu (khasheeda).


  1. Install AG WhatsApp. the button up top.
  2. Allow downloading from untrusted sources. security settings on the phone Enable downloading from outside sources.
  3. Click install after the file has finished downloading.
  4. The activation code must be entered after your phone number.
  5. Use the app’s functionality by opening it.


  1. Download the most recent version of 3ssem ag WhatsApp using the links above.
  2. Save the current copy on your phone in order to preserve your conversation history and data.
  3. Choose install.
  4. Enjoy the new features by opening the app.


  • There is a Direct Translate icon inside the message box. Long click to change the language.

  • The ability to send a message to yourself.
  • You can forward media with subtitles.
  • The ability to post voice notes as status.


Don’t worry about getting banned in WhatsApp, because AGWhatsApp 2023 is anti-ban.


You can lock WhatsApp with a pattern, PIN, or fingertip, just click on top at AGWhatsApp, and then choose how you want to lock your ag3 WhatsApp 2022.


This feature is an important feature you can find in Official WhatsApp, but most version of WhatsApp Plus doesn’t provide backup. The developer Asim found a way to have a backup without the need of Google Drive, by having the backup saved on your phone itself, to do that go to Adds, then Chat Backup.


In the official WhatsApp, you only can pin 3 chats, but in AG WhatsApp Plus you have no limit to pin any number of chats.


By the navigation button, you can move between chats without the need to go back to the main interface.


  • You can hide your online status and last seen.
  • Hide “forward message”.
  • Hide that you saw your friends status.
  • Prevent deleting messages and statuses.
  • Hide blue ticks, second tick, “typing”, and “recording”.


You can customize the chat interface any way you want it, by changing the font type, icon color, and style, you can do that from Plus Settings:

The Main interface: hide any icon you want, and move the bar down.
Chats: change the color of the bubble color and the background color.
Widget: control Whatsapp notifications.


  • Send up to 100 pictures simultaneously with the choice to transmit HD pictures.
  • In the main interface, pin 100 chats.
  • Send an unstored number a message.
  • SMS statuses can be saved.
  • Send out messages as planned.
  • Turn on the dark mode.
  • Just turn off the internet for WhatsApp.
  • Alter AGWhatsApp’s theme.





AGWhatsApp v32.10

  • Added more Anti-ban protection 
  • Fix issue of 1 hour ban for some users 
  • Enabled edit messages 

AGWhatsApp v32.5

  • [Added] New "Msg a number" UI design
  • [Added] Load custom font (1- Select "Custom" from font style, then 2- use Load font option)
  • [Added] Option to Hide Status Cutter FAB 
  • [Added] AGBackup (Titanium) updated automatically daily
  • [Added] new media section
  • [Added] Advantage of sending pictures with high accuracy
  • [Added] Feature of playing videos with an external player
  • [Added] Unlimited photo and document sharing feature
  • [Enabled] Proxy Settings (Settings > Storage and data > Proxy Settings)
  • [Enabled] Keep messages option when disappearing mode is active (Long press any message)
  • [Fixed] problem with Hide View Status When doing a privacy reset
  • [Fixed] Auto reply / forward crash
  • [Fixed] WhatsApp fingerprint lock issues
  • [Fixed] Many custom text status icons
  • [Misc] Enjoy and discover by yourself!
  • [Misc] Other fixes and improvements

AGWhatsApp v32

  • Update the WhatsApp base to
  • Add a change in the form of the box for sending a message to an unsaved number
  • Add an option to change the font of your choice from the phone files directly
  • Added an option to hide the segmentation of the video in the status page
  • In addition, the mod now works as an automatic backup daily via the mod
  • Add a new media section
  • Add the feature of sending pictures with high accuracy
  • Add the feature of playing videos with an external player
  • Add the feature of sharing photos and documents without limits
  • Activate the option to turn on proxy for countries that are prohibited from using WhatsApp from Settings > Storage and Data > Proxy Settings
  • Activate the option to keep messages when the disappearance mode is active (by long pressing on the message you want to save)
  • Improvement against temporary bans
  • Fix a problem that you saw the status when you do a privacy reset
  • Fixed an auto-reply crash when forwarding messages
  • Fix the problem of fingerprint lock in WhatsApp
  • Fixed many custom text status icons
  • More Enjoy and discover what's new for yourself!
  • More fixes and other improvements

AGWhatsApp v28

  • Update WhatsApp base to
  • Add an option to turn on/off the group admin indicator (Additions and Properties > Conversation Screen)
  • Added ability to share multiple photos/videos/files at the same time from chat to external apps!
  • Add an option to forward your friends' statuses to yours.
  • Add an option to translate text cases.
  • Adding the package name to the expiration page to help users find out.
  • Enable filtering for unread messages using search
  • Activate a new drawing pen
  • Activate online privacy! You can choose who can see you when you are online. (Settings > Account > Privacy)
  • Enable Leave Groups Secret Without All People Knowing (Only admins can see you when you leave)
  • Enabled admin can remove other people's messages in group chats (only works when users are in a new rule)
  • Activate the ability to see previous participants in groups (who left and when!)
  • Activate quick reactions to the situation
  • Activate the new text status UI
  • Activate the new status privacy design user interface
  • Fix Go to the first message
  • Fix showing all messages of a person in group chat
  • Fixed group message counter in group info page
  • Have fun and discover what's new for yourself!
  • More other fixes and improvements

AGWhatsApp v27

  • Update WhatsApp base to
  • Exclusively add the option to know who blocked you
  • Exclusively, the ability to send any emoji in interactions to messages of your choice by pressing “➕”
  • Exclusively double click on the message to like
  • Exclusively add an option to select emoji for double tap to like/to interact (Golden Additions > Conversation screen > select emoji for double tap to interact)
  • Adding a confirmation message before publishing the case (photo/video)
  • Added stealth mode for calls!
  • Add Show callers that you are not online
  • Add the download icon in the profile pictures to save the pictures to the gallery
  • Add all the new WhatsApp Facebook
  • Add sharing of anyone's contact in an easy way without sharing the person's information
  • Add Backup to Crash Page
  • Add a search from the Internet or use an emoji for a profile picture
  • Add a full Punjabi translation
  • Improvement Now you can change the status text color and it appears in the color you chose instead of white
  • Improved status download buttons and see status automatically colored when changing themes instead of green
  • Activate listening to the audio recording in the background
  • More Themes file has been moved to the path Download/GoldThemes
  • More reading of files has been improved in the new WhatsApp path
  • More ban has been improved from the version
  • Many other things and I forgot what they are
  • Have fun and discover what's new for yourself!
  • Fix the problem of moving media and backup to the Android/media folder
  • More other fixes and improvements

AGWhatsApp v25

  • Hide Appearance.
  • Download the case (Alastori).
  • Download several new themes in WhatsApp ag latest version.
  • Download a lot of Arabic fonts in WhatsApp agwhatsapp.
  • Adding more than 257 participants to the group.
  • It gives you the ability to run more than one number in the same application.
  • The feature of moving between conversations.
  • Status extended to more than 30 seconds in the latest update.
  • Lock conversation with a secret number & lock WhatsApp with a code.
  • The advantage of separating the Internet from WhatsApp agwhatsapp.
  • You can change the icon (logo).
  • Download new wallpapers for conversation.

AGWhatsApp v21

  • Exclusively add the function to listen to voice messages at different speeds by switching the button while the message is playing
  • Add media send function and show it only once
  • Add a new look for additions and ease of navigation
  • Add an option to change the location of archived conversations up or down (Additions, then the main screen, then the lines)
  • Add a new option in Additions section to remove WhatsApp leftovers
  • Fix a problem with a delay in sending and receiving messages
  • Fix crash issue by cutting video immediately on all devices
  • Other fixes and improvements
  • More other accessories, find out for yourself

AGWhatsApp v20

  • The version has been extended for more than 3 months.
  • Add the function to increase the size of the case for more than 10 minutes and it works automatically
  • Returns the function of deleting messages for all
  • Fixed crash issue when cutting video in case on all devices
  • Other fixes and improvements

AGWhatsApp v17

  • Messages that disappear automatically
  • Circle next to name on home page to see who is online now
  • Theme via ZIP file
  • New user interface to copy bubble text selection
  • Option within archived messages to show new archived messages
  • Fix the crash issue on Kitkat devices when using scheduling messages
  • Fixed no installation issue on some devices.
  • More, have fun and discover what's new for you

AGWhatsApp v16

  • Automatic reply to all contacts.
  • Scheduled messages
  • Added notification function for makeover
  • The ability to change facebook or twitter visas
  • Convert long videos into clips of the allowed length
  • Possibility of sending 100 images
  • The ability to send a message to an unscheduled number
  • And many other features.

Download AGWhatsApp v32.10

Download (61MB)

You are now ready to download AGWhatsApp for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please read our MOD Info and installation instructions carefully for the game & app to work properly
  • Downloading via 3rd party software like IDM, ADM (Direct link) is currently blocked for abuse reasons.
  • Read the FAQ carefully for more details.

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