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ADWhatsapp Apk 2023 Download Updated Version For Android

  • [Add] an option to hide the camera icon from the top bar on the home page.
  • [Activate] Showing the person's status when clicking on the person's picture on the home page.
  • [Activate] Displaying the person's status when entering the person's information.
  • [Activate] Create your own avatar named Avatar.
  • [Activate] Sending text when sending something in file format.

App Name ADWhatsapp Apk Download Updated Version For Android
Publisher Ahmed2iad
Size 60MB
Latest Version 2023
MOD Info Extra Feature
Cost Free
Operating System Android / 4.5+ and up
Language Multi-Language Support
Licence Freeware
Root Required Not Root Required
Compatibility Variant with device
Installs 100,000,000+
Rating 4.5+
Download (60MB)

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A lot of features that the official version of WhatsApp lacks are accessible in ADWhatsapp Apk, which is a modified version of the messaging app. This programme also lets you conceal information that the standard WhatsApp app does not, such as last seen, blue ticks, and profile photos. For many of us, WhatsApp has emerged as a top messaging service. How do you feel? If you have WhatsApp’s official version, you may utilise the chat feature. You may use mods to access WhatsApp’s many functionalities. Let’s take a closer look at ADWhatsApp 2023’s features.

It can accept high-quality images and conceal the identity in addition to doing so. In this edition, there are more feelings, emojis, and Neil components, such various symbols.



This modified version has a feature that prevents bans. You can use it in place of WhatsApp. You won’t get banned for using this mod as a messaging service. Your account won’t ever be banned as a result of this patch.


AD In order to provide users complete control over their experience, WhatsApp also provides fascinating features like personalised chats, respond buttons, appointment settings, media download settings, background themes, and much more.


To maintain your privacy, use the newest version of Adwhatsapp to conceal ticks, alter bubbles, and see status. Your online presence may be concealed, and group chat privacy settings can be customized


We cannot guarantee your privacy, however there are several status downloaders that can download the status of your contacts. You may download any status from your gallery using AdWhatsApp. You won’t need to download an external status downloader any more, thus.


The most recent version to WhatsApp features a fantastic feature. Users can manage the amount of ticks that follow their responses by utilising the auto-reply option. The contact has the option of showing or hiding the double and blue ticks. Additionally, users have the option to use respond buttons to have text answers that are automatically generated for their contacts. Users won’t miss any crucial messages if done this manner.


It’s really frustrating when someone messages you and then promptly deletes it before you can read it. Using this hack, you can still read the message even if the sender deletes it for everyone.


The zooming function makes it simple to view a contact’s WhatsApp DP.


Emojis and stickers may improve the way you communicate in chat. This function would be much appreciated by those who find it difficult to communicate their feelings via chat. You get access to every category of emojis and stickers.


  • Freeze last seen.
  • Stop forwarding.
  • Can anyone call me? Limit who can call you.
  • Turn off View Status.
  • No deleting of messages.
  • Anti-deleting status.
  • After reply, blue ticks appear.
  • Option to lock WhatsApp.
  • YoWa themes – Themes section.
  • Install custom themes.
  • Colorize the header, conversation screen, etc.
  • Disable the gallery of media.
  • Block unnecessary video calls.


Over the past few years, the number of modifications accessible has increased dramatically. Users find it really challenging to select just one. AdWhatsApp is unquestionably one of them, and the reason is that it offers a number of superior features that aren’t offered by other mods.



You simply need to install the most recent version of AdWhatsApp from this link.


To download this mod to your device, click the download icon on this page. You may start the download manually by typing Butterflyapk into the search bar.


If you want a messaging service with a tonne of functionality, ADWhatsapp is your best bet. This app protects your info. We really hope you enjoy using it to the fullest. Many functions available with this mod are not available with the original WhatsApp programme. This excellent programme is available for free download here, so you can start taking use of its interesting features.


  • [Add] an option to hide the camera icon from the top bar on the home page.
  • [Activate] Showing the person's status when clicking on the person's picture on the home page.
  • [Activate] Displaying the person's status when entering the person's information.
  • [Activate] Create your own avatar named Avatar.
  • [Activate] Sending text when sending something in file format.


  • [Fix] Bugs in newly added languages.
  • [Fix] Writing and recording not working (now integrated).
  • [Fix] The new One UI mailbox does not open the correct gallery.
  • [Fix] An empty space on the side when recording a voice note.
  • [Fix] Hide the recent cases / viewed cases / viewed cases option.
  • [Fix] Payment icon incorrectly in some textboxes.
  • [Fix] Recording a voice note error occurs on some devices.
  • [Fix] Option to convert the message in hidden chats.
  • [Fix] Restore backup error occurs on some devices.
  • [Move] Option to repost the status in the download box.
  • [More] Other fixes and improvements.


  • [Update WhatsApp base] to
  • [Add] Image / video preview without saving to the phone or gallery.
  • [Add] Repost any status to your story/status!
  • [Add] Select the default language "Translate to" in chats.
  • [Add] Backups will now be created on a .ZIP file.
  • [Add] an option to save the image/video when previewing.
  • [Add] Hindi, Azerbaijani, Russian and Urdu languages.
  • [Activate] Communities in WhatsApp.
  • [Activate] Create polls and vote in groups!.
  • [Activation] You can have been messaging yourself (to save your information).
  • [Activate] Send text with photo/video.
  • [Activate] the new look when opening the camera.
  • [Activation] You can now send a sound when sending a status.
  • [Improvement] The backup file has now been moved to Storage/ADWhatsApp.
  • [Improvement] Now, when you uninstall WhatsApp, the backup file will remain.
  • [Improvement] An error when sending a message on some phones.
  • [Improve] some translations in some languages.


  • [Fix] Moving to the last message in conversations on some devices.
  • [Fix] Protection against ban.
  • [Fix] Some bugs in the sender boxes.
  • [More] Other fixes and improvements.


  • {Add} Survey in groups.
  • {Add} Control the quality of video transmission from settings/storage and data.
  • {fix} sudden crash in some devices.
  • {fix} the inability to control the flash light of the WhatsApp camera shooting.
  • {Fix} Not being able to turn on lock in plugins.
  • {more} Other fixes and improvements.


  • [WhatsApp base update] to
  • {Add}Ability to share multiple photos/videos/files at the same time from chat to external apps!.
  • {Add} One click on the chat bubble and quick options appear.
  • {Add} Add the Urdu language to the full WhatsApp.
  • {Add} the package name to the expiration page to help users find out..
  • {Improve} the appearance of WhatsApp add-ons to a beautiful shape.
  • {Enable} Filter unread messages using search.
  • {Activate} a new drawing pen.
  • {Activate} Online Privacy! You can choose who can see you when you are online. (Settings > Account > Privacy) .
  • {Activate} Leave groups secretly without everyone knowing (only admins can see you when you leave).
  • {Enabled} Enabled admin can remove other people's messages in group chats (only works when users are in a new rule).
  • {Activate} the ability to see previous participants in groups (who left and when!).
  • {Activate} quick reactions to the situation.
  • {Activate} New Text Status UI.
  • {Activate} New Status Privacy Design User Interface.


  • {Fix} Move to the first message.
  • {Fix} Show all messages of a person in group chat.
  • {Fix} Fixed group message counter in group info page.
  • [More] Have fun and find out what's new for yourself!
  • [More] Other fixes and improvements.


  • Add Speed ​​up recordings and audio clips.
  • Add Hide the image or video after viewing. You can do this when you select the medium to send.
  • Add All squares now take dark / light color mode.
  • Add Open more than one WhatsApp account easily, like Telegram.
  • Add Quick translation in conversation.
  • Added Customize automatic media download for each chat.
  • Fix Redesigned Lock Screen.
  • Fix Redesigned Pattern Lock Screen.
  • Fixed Arabic alignment issue.
  • Fix Random crash when saving state.
  • Correct message delay on some phones.
  • Fix Media not downloading and connection issues on some devices.
  • Fix Fixed call blocking on some Android 11 devices.
  • More fixes and other improvements


  • [Add] Open more than one WhatsApp account easily, like Telegram.
  • [Add] Quick translation in conversation.
  • [Added] Customize automatic media download for each chat.
  • [Add] Change voice in WhatsApp to change voice (conversation screen options by clicking the three dots in the corner of the screen and then changing the voice).
  • [Add] An option to hide the privacy terms notification (Additions> Settings> Hide privacy message). You can hide it without accepting.
  • [Add] Copy part of the text by selecting the desired message, then Options and then copying a part of the text.
  • [Add] Advanced Search {You can search by search test (image, gif, video, document, links, audio clip)}.
  • [Fix] Suddenly the application crashes.
  • [Fix] The problem of delaying the sending and receiving of messages.
  • [Correct] Increase the status duration by more than one hour, even if the themes are changed.
  • [Repair] Broken Status for Android 10.
  • [Fix] Full firmware backup does not work on Android 11+.
  • [Fix] Download media on Android 11.
  • [More fixes] and other improvements


  • [Basic WhatsApp Update]
  • [Addition] Open more than one account using WhatsApp as easily as Telegram
  • [Add] Change the voice of the voice recording Enter the conversation, then the 3 dots, then change the voice
  • [Add] Option to hide archived chats (plugins> home screen> lines
  • [Add] preview and confirmation before sending the poster
  • [Add] Option to remove downloaded emoji packs
  • [Add] The filing cabinet on the home screen now takes the theme color
  • [Addition] New options to download states (copy the text on the image, share, etc. ...)
  • [Add] custom media download settings for each chat
  • [Add] an option to hide the privacy policy notice (Plugins> Settings> Hide privacy message). You can hide it without accepting it.
  • [Fix] / "Copy Title" has been moved from long press to download options
  • [Correct] The fixed contact's name is not clearly displayed in the title
  • [Fix] fixed wallpaper themes not applicable to some phones
  • [Fix] Floating input button does not take background color
  • [Fix] Hard Full Backup not working on Android 11+
  • [More fixes] and other improvements


  • Do Not Disturb also known as Aeroplane Mode.
  • Anti-ban – All anti-ban codes were included in the latest build.
  • Message a number – Send a message to the numbers which are not yet saved to the phone book.
  • Backup your chats.
  • Restore your chats.
  • Good looking settings users interface.
  • Updates – Check update via settings.
  • Freeze last seen.
  • Disable forward.
  • Who can call me? – Restrict the contact who can call you.
  • Hide View Status.
  • Anti Delete messages.
  • Anti delete status.
  • Show blue ticks after reply.
  • WhatsApp Lock option.
  • Themes – YoWa themes section.
  • Load Custom themes.
  • Change colours of the header, conversation screen, many other parts.
  • Hide media from the gallery


  • [Addition] a group message function for groups in the new format.
  • [Addition] Android 10 interface.
  • [ADD] Featured floating button has been improved.
  • [Add] option to hide floating button in conversation.
  • [Addition] new default theme (day / night).
  • [Add] a new design for how to add a status through Instagram Style.
  • [Addition] New design for lower navigation bar styles.
  • [Addition] a new question design when activating the options (Internet disconnection mode, day / night mode).
  • [Add] Automatically moves the name on the top bar if it is long.
  • [Add] The Internet pause button will give a pulse signal if activated.
  • [Add] color options for Instagram cases.
  • [Fix] all sudden app crashes.
  • [Fix] problem There was a sudden crash of WhatsApp.
  • [Fix] the problem of entering the call information on the main screen.
  • [Fix] an issue where an image was not appearing next to the media bubble in groups.
  • [Fix] Internet shutdown button and day / night mode on group page did not disappear.
  • [Fix] bottom navigation bar issues with Arabic language interface.
  • [Repair] The translation function within conversations must be installed by the program (Google Translate).
  • [Fix] all the problems, God willing.


  • [Feature] Forward the message to more than 5 people.
  • [Possibility] to delete messages sent to the other party at any time after sending them.
  • [Added] a group message for groups.
  • [Added] Notice who viewed your status.
  • [Added] The feature of displaying messages sent to the group for each member.
  • [Add] Mention feature from the home screen @ appears if someone mentions you or responds to your message in a group @ appears on the main screen.
  • [Added] Auto Reply feature.
  • [Added] The feature of scheduled messages.
  • [Added] The VPN proxy feature for countries where communication via WhatsApp is prohibited. You can turn on the VPN and connect with ease.
  • [Added] Effects feature in WhatsApp Home screen effects and chats scrolling.
  • [Added] The feature of changing the duration and location of a notification (see your status / change his profile picture) either above, in the middle or at the bottom of the screen.
  • [Added] The feature of changing the font color and background of a notification (see your status / change his profile picture).
  • [Added] The feature of knowing the admin person in the group by displaying the word admin next to his number in the conversation screen.
  • [Added] an item to clear WhatsApp remnants as it was in the old format and add all the items of the old design.
  • [Added] The feature of choosing the case that you want the other person to know that you have seen.
  • [Added] An exclusive feature to change the status background color, change the status font color, and add new status fonts and status ready styles.


  • When updating WhatsApp, do not delete your existing WhatsApp
  • Just download and install the update directly without deleting the previous version
  • So you don't lose your previous conversations.

Download ADWhatsapp Apk 2023 Download Updated Version For Android

Download (60MB)

You are now ready to download ADWhatsapp Apk Download Updated Version For Android for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please read our MOD Info and installation instructions carefully for the game & app to work properly
  • Downloading via 3rd party software like IDM, ADM (Direct link) is currently blocked for abuse reasons.
  • Read the FAQ carefully for more details.

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